Q. Are you estate agent?
A. No, not really. My company is offering services for my clients (targeted research for my customers needs). This service will ultimately be paid upon completed transaction and normally by the seller. Estate Agents work only for the seller to achieve the highest price for their client. My business model is based upon the fact that I represent the “hunter” for rental accommodation, property, hotels, small- and medium-sized companies. (I do however possess the formal French Real Estate authorization – Carte Professionnelle No 693).

Q. Where do you operate?
A. I operate under my company name ilani consult sarl. The office is ideally located in the old port of Nice. Presently I am the only partner and I work in an extensive network in France, Scandinavia mostly and have a cooperation with the local French Chamber of Commerce in order to offer up-to-date information to my foreign clientele.

Q. Aren't we looking for what everyone else is looking for?
A. No. There is inevitably some overlap but given the size of the market and clients' hugely varied needs conflicts are, surprisingly, rarely a problem.

Q. Do you find rental properties?
A. Yes. Many times an investor starts the whole process by wanting to spend some time in Southern France or Monaco. The ideal starting point can be to rent for some time in order to get a feeling for the environment in general. This is a crucial period for the future investor, since this will make it much easier to find a suitable property or a company in the future.

Q. Are you able to offer any advice with regards to schools?
A. Yes. Relocations always have the inevitable head-aches of settling in. Certainly I can assist. It is only a matter of defining your specific needs.

Q. If my question does not relate to finding property, businesses, or rental accommodation, do you offer classical consultancy services?
A. I will always find a way to get into the right channels for newcomers to the Côte d’Azur. For a specific requirement, standard consultancy fees apply.

Q. Many times, an investor asks for assisting in finding financing, and setting up a company. Can you help?
A. I will be able to propose best financing alternatives and back you up in negotiations with the banks. For setting up a company I will advice you in order to find the best possible legal fit for a formal and legally operative company in France.

    ilani consult sarl    Maison Tordo 4, Quai Papacino    F-06300 Nice France
    t: +33 (0) 493 55 59 96    f: +33 (0) 493 55 59 96    m: +33 (0) 612 31 18 63    e: info@ilani.fr